From Clutter to Crazy Cool!

A few months ago, Islamabad realized somebody was making and selling these crazy cool lamps, super fit for the man cave. What they didn’t know that The Creators behind it were little children.

Mustafa (12 years old), Musa (11 years old) and Momin (10 years old) were the brains and the labour behind lamps made from scrap. What started as Mustafa’s pop-up kiosk for his school’s entrepreneur week is now a rip roaring business with its own shop in G8 Markaz.

Frequented by the Isloo elites, The Creators soon made celebrity fans too including some of our favorites like Osman Khalid, Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq.
From their Warrior [which they are giving away to one you YOU – Don’t forget to participate] to the Racer & the Reader, Mustafa and Musa were at it before the youngest Momin joined in with his passion for Dinosaurs and gave the lamps a completely new dimension.

Musa & Mustafa with Osman Khalid Butt

These lamps and more are available for sale online as well for those based outside Islamabad through their Instagram & their Facebook pages.

Visit our Facebook page to participate & check the rules.
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